The playfulness and low-brow style of Oakland-based Jeffrey Cheung’s contorted nude figures has quickly gained traction within the Bay Area’s ever-changing art scene. Cheung’s humor translates well across his many paintings, prints, collages, drawings and even murals. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Cheung graduated form the University of California Santa Cruz and has since shown in a variety of shows throughout the Bay Area as well as Hashimoto Contemporary in New York City, Jeffrey Deitch Projects in Los Angeles, City Bird Gallery in Paris, France and V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, Cheung has been a resident artist at the Bedford Stuyvesant Artist Residency, in Brooklyn, New York. Alongside his visual artwork, Cheung launched Unity Skateboarding, a queer skating collective. He also plays music in local punk bands Meat Market and Unity. Cheung currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.