"Our world is material and we have a strong relationship to “stuff”. Even the ruins of ancient human civilizations are littered with “stuff”. Tools, bones, and other objects that were important at the time, but then left behind. We look at these things to glean some insight into what that culture was about. However we can only get part of the picture.

My mom collected antiques and would tell me the stories of the things she displayed on our kitchen wall. It was like living in an anthropological archive. I saw in the old tools, memorabilia, and random objects an element in their individual story that resonated a part of our greater collective story. Again, it was only ever part of the story.

I attempt to complete or, at least, expand stories with my art. My art is about taking objects and making subtle, but significant changes to them to alter their meaning. I like using the framework of a joke, though it isn't usually overtly funny. The original meaning is crossed with another idea that leads to a surprise connection, the punchline. Humor is the entrance of the mind that is least guarded. I hope to get through the door of humor to say something important and/or truthful."   ---Jeremiah Jenkins


Jeremiah Jenkins is an artist working in the San Francisco Bay area. His works include multiple media and are shown nationally.