Corey K. Lamb (b. 1983) is a Texas-born artist currently established as an Assistant Professor of Painting at Florida Atlantic University, located in sunny South Florida. He received his BFA from Stephen F. Austin State University, and his MFA in Painting from Indiana University at Bloomington in 2016. His current body of work transposes the biographical onto archetypal forms and figures to explore the tangential point between existentialism and eroticism.  His work has been exhibited internationally via representation with Galerie Wolfsen located in Aalborg, Denmark, and nationally through numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States.


Specificity in his work gives way to persona, as figures take on the guise of familiar roles: the mother, the lover, the fool, and the serpent. Narratives constructed around simple gestures and common motifs are cobbled together visually through visceral applications of oil paint, plastic acrylic shapes, and carefully arranged spray marks. Flat, ornate floral shapes mockingly dance around thick, heavy flesh. Deep melancholy and absolute bliss permeate throughout the images.


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