David Heo


(b. 1992, Georgia) David Heo creates artwork that flirts with a variety of different genres, including large-scale paintings, works on paper, mural paintings, and brand collaborations. In each of these, however, his works reflect an idiosyncratic vision of the contemporary world, as well as a personal approach to subject matter defined by a meticulous yet whimsical layering and color palette. Heo plays with the peripheries between the new and the familiar, illustrating a range of folklore from grand, mythic metanarratives to quiet frames of daily life. His works references symbology classic to historical paintings and illustrations of mythology and folklore—the beasts, the flame, the muse— these reimagined works subsequently call back onto the viewer, kindling flashes of moments and recollections from his, her, or their own past.


The artist has held solo exhibitions in galleries throughout the country, as well as group exhibitions around the world, in countries such as England, Belgium, France, and South Korea.


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