Incorporating various mediums into her multidisciplinary practice, Dallas-based artist Rachel Strum constructs layered images that open portals for viewers to reconsider the constructs of time and space. Using acrylic paint, aerosol paint, and poured resin, among other mediums, Strum creates depth within an abstract space on the canvas, exploring how light, color, and materiality collaborate to shape our visual world.


Luminous colors, enmeshed by patterning and stratified glittering surfaces, oscillate between flat planes of geometric shapes and deep spatial expanses. In her own words, “The concept of a multiverse is really appealing and comforting to me; I like the idea of infinity, with all possibilities existing simultaneously, on and on, again and again, in a never-ending cycle.” Blending her constructed plains of measured geometric shapes and organic forms with bright, electrifying colors, Strum’s work prompts us to consider the beautiful contradictions in the universe that surrounds us.


Strum's work has been showcased across the country in exhibitions in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, among other cities. Raised in New York City, she currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

About her work she writes:
"The interplay of natural world and artificial forms collide to create reductive compositions that emit a harmonious tension. Within the compositions, energized waves of reflective patterns and various portal forms emerge, immersing the viewer in an atmospheric world of boundless possibilities. These elements serve as visual stimuli and act as a bridge between the natural and digital realms, blurring and merging the beauty of nature with the limitless artificiality of technology. 

Imagine a world where the boundaries between colors and space are blurred. My artwork captures this with luminously painted gradients that seem to stretch out into infinity. It's as if you're peering into a never-ending expanse of color and light. By blending elements from nature and digital aesthetics, the work provides a distinct perspective on the intricacy and interdependence of our existence and place within the vast cosmic tapestry."


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