The search for tranquility, stoicism, curved with the consistent delicacy of femininity. The kind that awakens the reminiscence of the curvaceous fertility of our origin, the female eternal. The encounters in Hilda Palafox’s work present themselves as a playful equanimity between shapes and colors. Suspended in time, a vacuum, a space lent by the universe for her muses to float and endure. She has been privileged to portrait her work in illustrations, canvases, murals and media such as ceramics, always maintaining a graceful focus. Most importantly growing within her concepts, exploring the boundaries of character and composition in a perpetual sense of romanticism.  

Graduated from Escuela de Diseño del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and being active since 2013, Hilda's work ranges from group shows, brand collaborations and mural festivals, persevering as one of the most important female artists in her country.