Opening Reception: For the Love of Dog

Artists and Hashimoto Contemporary staff hold dogs in a white cube gallery in front of paintings

Artists (from left to right) Matthew Kam, Nicholas Bono Kennedy, Mike Chattem, Debra Broz, Michael McGregor, Luke Pelletier, Brandon Vosika, Kristen Liu Wong, Thomas Martinez Pilnik, and Sebastien Curi with LA Director Dasha Matsuura and Gallery Associate Miranda Evans (middle)


All types of pups were on display for the opening reception of For the Love of Dog on August 19th: some painted, some sculpted, and some live and ready to be adopted from their playpen. Artists and friends filled the event with affection toward these adorable dogs and admiration for each depiction of how we cherish, uphold, fear, and idolize our canine companions. We extend an immense thank you to the acquaintances, friends, and family who came out, not to mention the doggy guests of honor, escorted by the LA-based non-profit Wags and Walks.


If you missed the opening, For the Love of Dog will be on view at our Hashimoto Contemporary Los Angeles until September 9th. We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.


To learn more about the exhibition or our upcoming exhibition schedule, email us at


Artist Debra Broz with her ceramic installation

Artist Debra Broz with her ceramic installation Dog Pile (center)


A wags and walk volunteer holds a black and white puppy, who sniffs a woman's phone. Bright art is on the white wall in the background.

Artist thomas Martinez Pilnik and LA director Dasha Matsuura hold a puppy.

Artist Thomas Martinez Pilnik and LA Director Dasha Matsuura with a Wags and Walks puppy


visitors stand in front of artworks at the opening of For the Love of Dog in LA

Michael Mcgregor with his work Stilllife with Steinbeck

Artist Michael McGregor with his work Still Life With Steinbeck


Artist Nicholas Bono Kennedy with his painting Cuddle Puddle featuring Good Doggos

Artist Nichoals Bono Kennedy with his artwork Cuddle Puddle featuring Good Doggos


A crowd of people at the opening of For the Love of Dog at Hashimoto Contemporary LA

Artist Simone Quiles with her work SIT!

Artist Simone Quiles with her artwork SIT!


Artist Kristen Liu Wong with her pug in front of a wall of artworks


Artist Kristen Liu Wong in front of her work, A Woman's Best Friend


LA Director Dasha Matsuura holding a puppy in front of an artwork while Meera, her black dog, stands next to her

LA Director Dasha Matsuura

Erin Armstrong's painting of a woman in a hot with a wienr dog is seen through a window as two blurry people walk past

August 24, 2023
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