Coming Soon: Potluck

Casey GrayHashimoto Contemporary is pleased to announce Potluck a group show curated by Dasha Matsuura. Featuring 27 emerging artists making work inspired by the community created around food. This dynamic group exhibition brings together artists working in ceramics, drawing, painting and beyond for a delicious exploration in our relationships with food.


Join us for the opening reception Saturday, June 29th from 6 to 9pm. RSVP via the event page here


Participating Artists: 

Laura Berger | Sarah Carolan | Jeffrey Cheung | Lauren Corden | B.D. Graft | Amanda Dunham | Nicole Dyer | Dan Gluibizzi | Casey Gray | Liz Hernandez | Celia Jacobs | Sam Keller | Katie Kimmel | Ness Lee | Quentin Monge | Rebecca Ness | Kellie Orr | Hilda Palafox | Pedro Pedro | Petites Luxures | Joel Daniel Phillips | Stephanie H. Shih | Jessica So Ren Tang | Lorien Stern | Anna Valdez | Chelsea Wong | Joey Yu



Laura Berger - Lemon BlissLaura Berger


Casey Gray


Joey Yu

Joey Yu


Lorien SternLorien Stern


June 13, 2019
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