Announcing Kim Cogan's Doggie Diner Heads print release!

Doggie Diner Heads by Kim Cogan


Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to announce "Relic", a brand new limited edition fine art print release based on Kim Cogan's original oil painting of the same name. Known for his gestural and emotive cityscape paintings, Kim Cogan has been documenting the evolving San Francisco landscape for almost two decades and his rendition of this iconic SF landmark was a highlight of his 2021 solo exhibition, Here Nor There.


The gallery and artist are proud to donate 10% of all sales directly back to three of the remaining Doggie Diner Heads, "Manny, Moe and Jack", to assist with their ongoing maintenance and upkeep. It's our hope that this awareness campaign and fundraiser will help ensure the enjoyment of these San Francisco landmarks for years and generations to come.


Photograph of Kim Cogan signing prints


Online sales begin:

Thursday, April 20th at 10am Pacific Time


Online sales end:

Sunday, April 30th at midnight Pacific Time


Online store:


  • The number of prints sold during this window will determine the final edition size.
  • Every print sold during this time will come signed and numbered by the artist.
  • All prints are produced locally at our in-house printshop facility in Berkeley, CA.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks before your order ships.


History: To learn more about the Doggie Diner Heads, please check out a brief history here.


Visit: To visit Manny, Moe and Jack in person, simply head to Golden Gate Park where you can find them on the Golden Mile Project!


Photograph of Kim Cogan's Doggie Diner Heads



April 18, 2023
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