painting of a table with dinner on it

Katie Butler -  Steaks and Tax Breaks


Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Potluck - a group exhibition exploring our complex associations with food and the community created around the shared experience. 


Featured Artists: 

Jess Ackerman | Esao Andrews | Sabrina Bockler | Molly Bounds | Boykong | Jackie Brown | Katie Butler | CHIAOZZA | Maggie Cowles | Stephen D’Onofrio | Joel Daneil Phillips | N Dyer | Jillian Evelyn |  Luke Forsyth | Gustav Hamilton | Zoe Hawk | Andrew Hem | David Heo | Loc Huynh | Celia Jacobs | Natalia Juncadella | Matthew Kam | Adrian Kay Wong | Sam Keller | Katie Kimmel | Chelsie Kirkey | Corey Lamb | Coco Lim Haas | Kristen Liu Wong | Jean-Paul Mallozzi | Michael McGregor | Stephen Morrison | Lap Ngo | Carlos Rodriguez | Stacey Rozich | Stephanie Shih | Stephanie H. Shih | Josh Stover | Crys Yin | Lauren YS | Nicholas Zirk


The exhibition will be on view February 12th - March 5th with an opening reception Saturday February 12th from 1pm to 8pm. Appointments can be made here. For more information or to request the online collector's preview, please email


Check out some exclusive sneak peeks from the show below.


a sculpture of a dog face in a rice ball

Stephen Morrison - Riceball


still life of groceries



Loc Huynh - Thit Vit (Duck Meat)


painting of girls around an outside table

Zoe Hawk - The Dainty Dessert


painting of  a dinner table

  Esao Andrews - Glunch


a photo of a sculpture of soup with a face in it

Katie Kimmel - Potato (and some other stuff) Soup


panting of rice and bamboo mat

Jackie Brown - Lumpia Kamayan

February 8, 2022
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