Art Miami

The Art Miami Pavillion, 30 November - 5 December 2021 
Booth AM304

 Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to announce our participation in Art Miami. The gallery has exhibited in the Miami art fairs since 2013 and we are thrilled to be showing in Art Miami for the second time. Our booth will exhibit new and recent works by Laura Berger, Peter Gronquist, Natalia Juncadella, Bianca Nemelc, Sean Newport and Joel Daniel Phillips. 


Laura Berger is a contemporary artist living and working in Chicago. She is inspired by rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travel, our quest for self-development and freedom, and how we piece things together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole. 


Peter Gronquist is an American multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon, where he draws inspiration from the Pacific Northwest. The artists work forces the viewer to pause, consider and deconstruct what they are experiencing. Gronquist often explores emotion through the use of color and material, and typically channels themes of American consumerism, impermanence, excess and escapism.  


Natalia Juncadella  works primarily with memories from her upbringing that have shaped her identity. Being Colombian and Cuban in descent, her Latin background is often brought to the foreground through her choice of vivid colors, bold strokes and familial imagery. Drawing inspiration from everyday objects and the symbolism they often carry, her work stacks various visual and emotional layers through the portrayal of interior spaces, intimate moments and memories. 


Bianca Nemelc is a figurative painter whose work explores the connection between the female form and the natural world. Born and raised in New York City, Bianca's work is inspired by her own investigative journey into her identity, paying homage to her heritage through the use of many hues of brown that make up the figures in her work. Through her work, Bianca aims to highlight the beautiful and symbiotic relationship between nature and the female body.


Sean Newport is a San Francisco-based artist, who has developed a range of artwork pieces from design to sculpture throughout his career. Working primarily as a woodworker, Newport has honed his skills as a carpenter to fine artist over the past decade. His sculptures deal with "perceived notions of reality and the idea of creating a digital aesthetic through analogue processes." 


Joel Daniel Phillips is an American artist whose work focuses on the tenets of classical draftsmanship employed in monumental formats. Inspired by the depth and breadth of human experience, he strives to tell the personal and societal histories etched in the world around him. The focus of his work centers on questions of truth, historical amnesia, and the veracity of the stories we tell ourselves within our communal narrative and our collective pasts. 


Please join us at Booth AM304 at Art Miami, opening to the public on Wednesday, December 1st and running through the weekend until Sunday, December 5th.


For more information, additional images, or exclusive content, please email NYC Director, Jennifer Rizzo at