Coming Soon: Hashimoto Contemporary at the Artsy Foundations Fair

An artwork image of Scott Albrecht's Searching for the Shadow of the Sun, 2023. The image is an abstract painting of blue, pink, and white circles and semi circles that subtly spell out the title of the painting.
Scott Albrecht, Searching for the Shadow of the Sun, 2023


We're so excited to announce our participation in the winter 2024 edition of Artsy's online art fair Foundations. Participating artists include: Gregory Euclide, Scott Albrecht, Madeleine Tonzi, Rachel Gregor, and Seonna Hong. The fair will be on view through Artsy Jan 23, 2024 - Feb 12, 2024. 
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Catch a few early views of the works below!
An image of Seonna Hong Give or Take, 2023. The artwork is a painting with pink and green mountains and small faceless people.
Seonna Hong, Give or Take, 2023
An image of Rachel Gregor Still Summer, 2023. The painting shows two nude girls lounging in a park on the grass under trees. The image takes on a yellow-ish sepia tone.
Rachel Gregor, Still Summer, 2023
An image of Gregory Euclide Landscape Construction: Isolation, 2024. The artwork is a painting slash collage made of acrylic and ink. An irregular shape, the artworks shows many landscapes and trees in various shades of green.
Gregory Euclide, Landscape Construction: Isolation, 2024
An image of Madeleine Tonzi Held, 2023. The painting is an almost abstract desert landscape, where two large dark cliffs meet in a U formation, showing a window of pink sky. A rose floats above the U, the painting punctuated with small burgundy lines or circles.
 Madeleine Tonzi, Held, 2023
An image of a bold white text on a black background. The image reads:
January 13, 2024
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