Opening Reception: Francisco Díaz Scotto "Where Dreams Touch Ground," and Liz Flores "Remedios"

Artist Francisco Diaz Scotto with a small black dog, Meera, sitting on the ground in front of one of his large scale paintings, which is mostly blue and orange, with a bright bouquet of flowers on a white lace table cloth in the middle of the composition.

Artist Francisco Díaz Scotto with Meera


Even if the attendees of Hashimoto Contemporary LA's double opening on July 22nd suffered from heat exhaustion, you wouldn't know it from their friendly attitudes. Francisco Díaz Scotto's solo show Where Dreams Touch Ground and Liz Flores's Remedios opened to an affable crowd: visitors were eager to share space with Díaz Scotto's rich floral and interior scenes, and Flores's figurative depictions of remedies for the summer heat. Though these works feel large and weighty against the gallery's white walls, their scale is much smaller than what both Díaz Scotto and Flores are used to, as each artist paints building-size murals in their respective hometowns of Buenos Aires and Chicago. Perhaps this more human scale lent itself to the evening's air of intimacy and friendship. As always, we thank everyone in attendance—especially artists, friends, and family alike.


If you missed the opening reception, both shows are on view at our Los Angeles location until August 12th. We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.


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attendees at the opening of Where Dreams Touch Ground, a solo show by Francisco Díaz Scotto. A red painting hangs on a white wall in a cavernous room with concrete floors.

Attendees at the opening of Francisco Díaz Scotto's solo show. Four paintings hang on a white wall, the center one is large, a blue background with oranges and a bouqet, the other three are much smaller and hard to see.

Francisco Díaz Scotto speaks to attendees in front of his bright red painting.

Artist Francisco Díaz Scotto speaks to attendees at the opening


A man in a ball cap and black shirt hold a drink and looks closely at Liz Flores's painting of a woman attempting to scratch her back, rendered in brown, pink, and white neutral tones.

Two people look at Liz Flores's brown and pink neutral colored painting on a white wall.

Dasha Matsuura poses in a blue and white dress with Francisco Díaz Scotto, who wears a black weater and white cat eye sunglasses, in front of his large red painting on a white wall. Meera, a small black dog, walks towards them in the bottom right of the frame.

LA Director Dasha Matsuura with artsit Francisc Díaz Scotto


Meera, a small black dog with nervous tendencies, poses in front of a large painting while a crowd of people take her photo.

World famous Meera generously allowed attendees to snap her pic

July 29, 2023
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