Coming Soon: Friends & Family Group Show

painting by Lindsay Stripling - (an artist creating a painting of herself)

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present our upcoming Friends & Family Group Show featuring new works from local Bay Area artists.


Exhibiting artists:

Jackie Brown | Fernanda Martinez Gutierrez | Dennis Brown | Christopher Gale | Rebecca Kaufman | Ben Venom | Carolynn Haydu | Sean Newport | Devra Fox | Bailey Anders | Madeleine Tonzi | Matthew Craven | Lindsay Stripling | Sofia Shu | Danym Kwon | Amber Jean Young | Mary Finlayson | Jeff Canham | Steuart Pittman


The exhibition will be on view June 4th - June 25th with an opening reception Saturday, June 4th from 4pm to 7pm.  Appointments can be made here.


For more information or to request the online collector's preview, please email SF director Vanessa Indes at


painting by amber jean young

Amber Jean Young

paper collage artwork by Carolynn Haydu

Carolynn Haydu

painting of a vase with a landscape on it - by Danym Kwon

Danym Kwon

collage of a granite bust. with flowers by Matthew Craven

Matthew Craven

sewn quilt with red fabric by ben venom

Ben Venom

May 21, 2022
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