Francisco Diaz Scotto (Pastel)


Francisco Diaz Scotto is a painter and architect (UBA). Far from conventional architecture, he understands public space work as urban acupuncture. Most of the mural contexts are the “non-places”. Those who are relegated from the irregular and non-inclusive urban designs. Many of his works are located in facades that operate as a canvas for his paintings. The main and most complex search is oriented towards creating a dialogue that is natural and respectful of the environment, since the limits of the work are understood between the painted space and its surroundings. The flora he uses as a reference in his paintings is that which grows in the cracks of sidewalks and facades. These cracks generated by a deficient construction process are reflection of the human need to control space for a rational and autarkic use. Taking these small plants and glorifying them with their change of scale can be a mechanism to question the modern methods we have as a society.


In his atelier Francisco applies the same search mechanisms but being himself the external limit of analysis, which is why a deeply personal work is built that puts into play the record and emotional memory of their missionary roots. Twilight, home, jungle and dogs force the integral development of his work.


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