Born in 1984, Korean artist So Youn Lee resides and works in Los Angeles, CA. Lee came to the United States to pursue an art career where she studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and received a BFA in 2012. Recognized for her ethereal, dream-like aesthetic with explosions of colors and random textures, Lee’s work evolved from figurative art into her signature art style which centers around a child-like no-gender character named ‘Mango'. Her experience as an immigrant inspired her to regard her own identity and express it into art. 'Mango' reflects Lee's contemplation of 'what can be the essence of human being', and portrays the ideals and struggles of human existence as aliens and voyagers in her work. With hints of 90’s subcultures yet influenced by Danseakhwa artists such as Chong-Hyun Ha and Park Seo-bo and Abstract Expressionism, Lee's vibrant mixed-media works have been embraced by international audiences who have found an escape in So Youn Lee’s otherworldly works.